Active reconciliation

We are very excited that Active Reconciliation is a core value of C2021. We recognize the land on which we will be meeting is the traditional, unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation. The Algonquin people are a vibrant and resilient Nation that have never relinquished, sold, traded or transferred ownership of their land to European settler colonies. Therefore, we refer to this land as Unceded as it has never been surrendered to the Crown. This land we occupy is also a traditional meeting place for hunting and gathering between the original inhabitants, the Anishinabe, the Iroquois and newcomers. Through the use of the wampum belt, Peace and Friendship Treaties” were created as binding agreements between all parties to continue to peacefully co-exist on traditional Algonquin lands.

Hillory Tenute, a member of the Anishinabe nation and an Indigenous evaluator, is leading C2021’s Active Reconciliation efforts. We will be working with a small Advisory Group of volunteers from EvalIndigenous to help guide our active reconciliation initiatives. Planning is underway for a community gathering on the land on Sunday, May 9 which will bring together Indigenous evaluators and community members to share their experiences with evaluation and collectively identify ways in which it can be strengthened to better reflect Indigenous ways of being and knowing.

C2021 is committed to having a range of diverse voices reflected in our conference program. Miigwech.